3Shape Trios


Digital Impressions can be sent directly to SkyCAD through the 3Shape Communicate Portal

Sending Files

Doctor should be registered with a 3Shape Communicate account when the scanner has been installed. If SkyCAD is not already listed in your list of available labs, please send a connection request from the Communicate account to SkyCAD Dental Lab.

(Doctors can register a 3Shape Communicate account if needed at http://portal.3ShapeCommunicate.com)


  1. When entering patient information select SkyCAD Dental Lab.
  2. Complete the order form information, specifying specific materials or instructions.
  3. Complete the scan process for the desired restoration including; Pre-Op Scan, Prep Scan, Upper/Lower Scan & Bite Scan).
  4. Press the Send Order Envelope Icon, then verify all information is correct and that the return date is scheduled at least one day before patient appointment.
  5. Confirm order and press SEND.

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