Digital Impressions can be sent directly to SkyCAD through the CEREC Connect Portal.

Sending Files

Doctor should create an account at www.sirona-connect.com and follow the steps to create an account.

  1. After account is activated, login and add SkyCAD to the list of Favorite Laboratories.
  2. Log into your CEREC cart and begin digital scan process.
  3. After completing scan process and marking the margin, proceed to the Connect step and login.
  4. Review order and restoration material information, then select Enter Order Data.
  5. Once order is uploaded select SkyCAD and desired return date. (Always schedule return date to be at least one day before patients appointment date)
  6. Add any additional information such as gender, age or comments and attach any additional photos.
  7. Review information and click Submit Cart.
  8. Enter username and password one last time and finish case submission to the portal.

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