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Going digital has, for dental practices, been a great way to boost productivity and overall efficiency for the daily operations of the practice. Digital solutions have meant going largely paperless. This has, in turn, boosted the security of private patient files. It has also meant that dentists and patients alike have been able to benefit from the integration of some great advancements in dental tools and technology. Automating dental processes and procedures, while introducing innovative changes, will also allow for much more streamlining in and around the dental office.

While going digital in the office can certainly help with the administrative side of running a dental practice, the best benefit by far is the improvements that are seen and felt in patient care and overall treatment.

There are several companies taking the lead in the pursuit and development of advances in dental technology. We are proud to be partnered with these innovators.



3Shape offers a range of digital dentistry solutions that include the TRIOS Treatment Simulator, which not only allows patients to see the benefits and results of orthodontic treatment but also goes a long way toward patient engagement. With other digital solutions that includes the world’s first wireless intraoral scanner, 3Shape is helping to shape the future of dentistry. The ability to engage your patients by showing them the way that their teeth could look after treatment can also help to boost case acceptability. Each of the solutions that 3Shape offers can take communication, patient visualization, and treatment planning to an entirely new level.



CEREC dental technology solutions allow dentists to offer patients same-day dental restorations, along with an improvement in the planning and execution of orthodontic treatments. With a wide-range of products, CEREC’s brands are an integral part of many dental practices around the globe. Imaging systems allow for superior diagnostic image quality, while also improving the patient experience. From preventative to restorative, orthodontics, and endodontics, there is a digital solution to meet the needs of the dental practice looking to offer improved patient care and improved efficiency in treatment.


PlanMeca E3D Technologies

As one of the global leaders offering intraoral, along with 2D and 3D imaging solutions, PLANMECA offers a great number of digital dental options. With low dose imaging that is suitable for even the youngest of dental patients, PLANMECA’s solutions take the entire patient experience into consideration with the development of advanced dental technology. Each product has been designed with durability and patient comfort in mind, while also ensuring a positive experience for the dental professional.

Carestream Dental

CareStream Dental

Capturing 2D and 3D impressions, Carestream offers support for a wide-range of angles during scanning. With the ability to see up to 45-degrees of scanning angulation, Carestream Dental’s digital solutions offer a comfortable experience for the patient, while also ensuring that dental professionals can work at their efficient best. Offering configurable digital dentistry solutions, Carestream Dental’s product lineup includes intraoral cameras that boast a lightweight and compact form that ensures patient comfort levels with a tapered design. Each product Carestream Dental offers has been designed to streamline the patient examination and treatment process.



3M is one of the world’s most widely recognized brands in the dental industry. They offer an array of products to meet most patient and practitioner needs, and this includes the 3M True Definition Scanner. This narrow-angle tipped scanner boasts a small profile, and the ability to quickly and efficiently scan a full diagnostic arch in just a minute or two. Not only does this improve the overall patient experience, but it can offer dentists and patients a real-time look at any issues that need to be addressed with treatment, with precise accuracy.



iTero offers three digital solutions that can streamline the diagnostic process, while helping to improve the overall patient experience. Not only can the iTero scanners be used to streamline the diagnostic process, and reduce the time that the patient spends in the chair, iTero scanners offer Invisalign Certified Connectivity. This allows for the ability to demonstrate to patients the type of results they can expect from their Invisalign treatment. Seeing results, up close and personal, can help to ensure patients are engaged, and can help them to make the decision to move forward with treatment.


Condor Inra Oral Scanner

With Condor, dentists are able to improve the patient experience by removing the uncomfortable alginate experience that has long been a part of the restoration treatment process. Condor provides hyper-realistic colors and accuracy, with the intraoral scanner that has been designed to be comfortable for both the user and the patient. With this digital solution, the diagnostic process can be streamlined, and the treatment plan can be much more accurate.

The continuing advancements in digital dentistry are exciting to consider. Not only are they allowing dentists to streamline the diagnostic process, but they allow for hyper-realistic imaging that can make it easier to have prosthetics milled, and can also provide patients with an improved overall experience while in the chair.

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