Planmeca Planscan (E4D)


Sending Digital Scans:

1. In the CAD/CAM module of the active patient, select the desired case file.

2. Click DDX Export.

If you’re currently logged into DDX, you will see details of your other cases. The available models for the case that you have selected are listed near the bottom of the screen. Ensure you have ditched the prep model if your case has equigingival or subgingival margins.

3. Click Create a New Case. (If you are not already logged into DDX, a login screen will appear)

4. Select Sky-CAD from list of desired labs under My Labs or Find a Lab.

5. Fill out the form, selecting a Procedure type and tooth numbers, the rest is optional.

6. Click Submit Case

The system returns to the DDX Cloud screen. Wait for case to appear in the Existing Files section. A red progress bar appears when the case is automatically uploads. The screen will close when finished.

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