Digital Dental Labs
Digital dental labs are promoting high-quality services and enabling dentists to be more effective and productive in their career. It should indeed be a dauntless decision to take if you expect to be a part of the ideas of revolutionizing the dental industry. It is quite obvious that working with a digital dental lab can make your job easier, but there are few things you should consider before going for it.

Things to Consider When Moving from Conventional to Digital Lab

The transition from conventional to a digital lab means you'll have to make changes to the way the office has been operating, and this is far beyond just acquiring a computer system. You'll have to learn how the new digital system and train your staff on the proper uses of the equipment.

Though a digital-based company often requires minimum workforce, and the dental industry is not exceptional. In this regard, your employees may be skeptical about how the changes would affect their job – so, you need to let them know the importance of making the office successful by going digital, and how they'll be taken along in the new system to increase productivity.

Let assume you've decided to join the digital age in dentistry. The question now is; how can you get the best digital equipment for your office? Sky-Cad offers a variety of digital tool and works with dentists who are just joining the digital revolution and those who are already in the system.

The Benefits of Working with a Digital Dental Lab

Until recently, conventional dental lab systems are known to be time-consuming and less productive, however, with the introduction of digital technology and equipment in dentistry, which includes CAD (Computer-aided design) and CAM (Computer-aided manufacture) – there have been high levels of performances and profitability in this profession. It is quite obvious that the digitally manufactured dental products are faster, stronger and even more economical.

Because fabrication of dental restorations can now be automated, digital technology has huge benefits for dentists, as well as patients. The advantages of working with a digital dental lab are many and the trend of moving from conventional to more advanced digital solutions will help you to improve your workflows and well-documented practices.

Let’s see some of the benefits you'll enjoy working with a digital lab.

  • Improve your workflow – the communication between lab technicians and dentists is enhanced using an intraoral scanner. After taking the 3D scan, you can instantly send it over to the lab where it would be assessed in order to produce more accurate restorations.
  • Be able to offer different restoration options – with a digital dental lab, you may be able to offer your patients different types of restorations that weren’t reasonably usable with a conventional dental lab.
  • It is cost-effective – operating with a digital dental lab will increase profitability and enables you to achieve high-quality services. Your patients will also benefit from this technology because each of them will have his or her original 3D image scanned and can be used all over again whenever it is needed as well as other files that you save. The cost of acquiring a digital system can’t be compared to the importance and profit it will yield in the long run. With increased productivity, you’ll soon forget the price of your digital scanner, while patient’s satisfaction is also guaranteed.

Working with a digital dental lab will make your job easier and give your patients total satisfaction. And while digital dentistry is transforming the industry very fast, the need to integrate digital solutions to your office is essential to increase productivity and profitability. Equipment such as CAD/CAM and 3D scanners will give you the opportunity to innovate and provide the best dental services to your patients. Gone are the days when going to a dentist brings fear and uncertainty – dentists and patients can now explore the world of digital dentistry that is comfortable and convenient.